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Number 9

Arizona Smoke Revue - A Thundering on the Horizon (Rola R006)

It's 1987 and I'm at the Cropredy Festival, Fairport Convention's annual bash, there specifically to catch John Martyn and Danny Thompson on the Friday night. We were running slightly late and could hear the wailing fiddle of Le Rue over the meadows as dusk settled upon the Oxfordshire countryside. Throughout the weekend, the sound tech seemed to have a very limited stash of records to play in between acts, therefore the Arizona Smoke Revue's Border Song was played almost on repeat. Buffalo John had a copy of the LP which contained the song and after borrowing it for a few weeks, I decided to get hold of my own copy, which has been in the collection ever since. The main band consisted of Bill Zorn, Phil Beer, Paul Downes and a character called Gene Vogel, a pseudonym I understand that Steve Knightley went under. They don't make records like this any more.