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Review Submissions

All submissions (Vinyl, CD and Digital) will be offered to Northern Sky contributors on a first come first served basis (Releases). Tracks may be selected for the Vaults podcast. Not all submissions will be reviewed. No streams please.

Live Submissions

If you would like to submit live reviews for inclusion in this section, please send the text and accompanying photos to

Damien McGeehan - The Tin Fiddle (Self Release)

Damien McGeehan's renown as one of Ireland's best fiddlers is founded on the fine contribution he made to the now disbanded Donegal fiddle trio Fidil. To many, then, an entirely solo project may seem like a brave departure, but due to some nifty production techniques and an exquisite handling of his...

Afenginn - Opus (Westpark)

OPUS is the sixth release from Danish outfit Afenginn and, perhaps, the most suitably titled of the bunch. The album is, in fact, a symphony of four movements inspired by the "uncontrollable, unforeseeable, yet still somehow navigable" nature of life. Indeed, the album was directly inspired by an...

Nick Byrne - Through the Tall Grass EP (Self Release)

The songs on this five track EP offer a slice of melodic, meditative acoustic folk pop. Nick has a pleasing voice with an earnest melancholic lilt. Plaintive ballads are underpinned by strings and an occasional electric slide. Opener Half ’ sets a layered vocal over a strummed jangling guitar in a...

Torgeir Waldemar - No Offending Borders (Jansen Plateproduksjon)

Being completely unfamiliar with Torgeir, I was unsure what to expect as the disc went into the player but what followed was a series of surprises, mostly positive and none unpleasant. As the music revealed itself, the first surprise was that the first track could have come straight out of the...