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Anna Laube - Anna Laube (Ahh...Pockets Records)

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There's something light and breezy about Anna Laube's songs, especially those that concern riding bikes, the craving for Sugarcane or indeed Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes. Originally from Iowa City and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Anna grew up surrounded by musical instruments, studied music in Belgium of all places but settled on the guitar, a microphone and San Francisco, where she began performing her songs in front of live audiences. Anna's eponymous third album has taken a good five years to make, possibly due to the fact that she was also training as a Yoga teacher, a discipline not really reflected in the music here. Whilst Oh My! (Oh Me Oh Me Oh My) draws on early rock and roll, You Ain't Worth My Time Anymore takes a more bluesy direction, complete with sneering slide guitar and harp fills, whilst Sweet Boy From Minnesota presents a sweet reflection on listening to 'real country tunes and a little Grateful Dead.'  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 392 
Airplay Date: 09.09.15
Track Played: Sugarcane
Release Date: 31.07.15
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