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Anna MacDonald - Paper Flowers (Self Release)

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Although the sleeve to Anna MacDonald's new EP states that all five songs are written by the Glasgow-raised singer-songwriter, I'm hoping the inclusion of Matty Groves is an oversight despite a touch of re-writing by the singer. Here, Anna re-tells the familiar story with much of the drama suggested by the arrangement rather than the voice. The four other songs demonstrate a flair for gentle if sometimes brooding lyricism, with the title song suggesting an inherent sadness upon receiving flowers with the reality that ultimately, all we do is watch them die. Each song is performed with Anna's clear and precisely mannered vocal, almost reminiscent of something Miss Dashwood would deliver seated at her piano forte whilst Colonel Brandon looks on with Cupid's arrow buried deep between his ribs. Co-produced by Anna and Fraser Fifield, PAPER FLOWERS includes further contributions from Graeme Stephen, Suzanne Houston, Mike Vass and Mario Caribe, each adding their own musical voice to this fine collection of songs.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky