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Blame Sally - Live At KVIEO Studios (Ninth Street Opus)

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San Francisco's all-female quartet Blame Sally provides mature sounds throughout on this the band's first live album. Recorded in Sacramento for a TV audience, the live performance captures the spirit of Blame Sally, with a highly textured performance that includes strong energy-driven songs such as Living Without You and Big Big Bed to some of Blame Sally's most sensitive songs including Mona Lisa Smile and If You Tell a Lie, by way of the odd cover, a sweet take on Lindsay Buckingham's Rumours-period Never Going Back Again for instance.

Whilst younger 'girl groups' out there usually have their material written for them or indeed write about what they know, which is usually the first throws of romance, rubbish boyfriends or breaking a fingernail, this band of grown-up women songwriters makes all the difference in terms of writing about the real problems of approaching mid-life. As Blame Sally enter their thirteenth year as a band, their individual voices ring true across thirteen songs that for all intents and purposes sound more like polished studio takes than live performances. With each sharing vocal duties, the band consisting of Pam Delgado on drums, Renee Harcourt on guitar, mandolin, banjo, Jeri Jones on guitar and Monica Pasqual on keyboards and accordion are joined by Rob Strom on bass.
Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky