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Blue to Brown - Blue to Brown (Remedy Records)

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Kinship in music has a long and rich history. The Carter Family, The Everly Brothers, The Bee Gees and The Jackson 5 all exemplified the phenomenon of sibling harmonies and the mysterious energy that can only spark from family collaborations. And if it's sparks that you're after, give BLUE TO BROWN a spin – the eponymous debut from a father and son duo with blues in their blood.

Rob Brown (father) and Dom Brown (son) each bring distinctive prowess to this energetically electric collection of impressive blues originals. Rob has one of those lived-in voices; a kind of Howlin' Wolf meets Ian Dury rasp that not only lends this album its authenticity but also its proudly British feel. And talking of British pride, Dom Brown is one of this island's best contemporary guitarists. The release of BLUE TO BROWN comes as his second tour with Duran Duran draws to a close – a tour that saw Dom perform at Hyde Park as part of the 2012 Olympics opening celebrations.
Whilst a gritty voice and a red-hot, wailing guitar are enough to infuse these original songs with a respectable credibility and substance, the strength of the album is firmly planted in the melding of two distinctive vocal styles. When Rob's growl mingles with Dom's higher, cleaner register on tracks such as Blue Boy and Please, Please, a tangible balance is reached. It's a balance that gives this album its shine.
The Browns are joined on this album by drummer Darrin Mooney, keyboardists Martin Winning and Mike Bramwell, bassist John Noyce and vocalist Anna Ross.
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