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Brooks Williams - More New Everything EP (Red Guitar Blue Music)

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A nice seasonal mini-album containing a handful of songs that couldn't quite fit on the Statesboro-born bluesman's recently released NEW EVERYTHING album. Whilst Shaking These Christmas Blues offers a welcomed respite from the usual seasonal jingle bells cheer, with a gentle 'chestnuts roasting' type crooner, the EP also features one of Brooks' most requested 'Country' songs Goin' Away, which along with the other selections has 'class' written all over it. With some fine accompaniment from a handful of Yorkshire/Derbyshire's finest session musicians, including Andy Seward on bass, Sam Sweeney on fiddle, Keith Angel on drums and Rowan Rheingans on banjo, the EP also sees producer Andy Bell chirping in with some backing vocals. Ranked amongst the world's top one hundred acoustic guitarists, Brooks Williams not only demonstrates masterful musicianship but maintains quality throughout. A fine accompanying release for his most recent solo album.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky
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