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Cassie Taylor - Blue (Hypertension)

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This soulfully bluesy debut from the daughter of Bluesman Otis Taylor, sees the multi-instrumentalist coming to grips with ten original songs from her own pen. Very much in tune with the music industry, having appeared with her father on stages around the world, not to mention contributing to his back catalogue of acclaimed albums and even having served on the board of directors of The Blues Foundation, Cassie Taylor's debut was only a matter of time coming. Released almost simultaneously with Taylor's side project Girls With Guitars, part of the famed Blues Caravan tour, with Kansas-born Samantha Fish and Brighton's own Dani Wilde, BLUE is less about girls with guitars and more to do with exploring the possibilities of her trusty bass and piano.

Equally at home with raunchy R&B numbers that tell it straight, such as Make Me Cry, with its direct no nonsense opening line 'Hey asshole, I wrote you a song', to the late night ballads of Haunted and Black Coffee, which owe more to the sort of soulful brews that Isaac Hayes would serve up in the Seventies than the usual blues fare, Taylor is unafraid to mix and match her blues and soul influences with her rock and country leanings, reflecting the fact that this twenty-something singer-songwriter is blessed with a youthful spirit. 'This Ain't No Old Man Blues' is her proudly displayed website slogan, and true enough, there's no evidence on this album to the contrary.

With a core band of Jeremy Colson on drums and James Rooster Olson on guitar, Taylor has gathered together a bunch of musicians to flesh out the songs on BLUE, exploring their rootsy possibilities rather than pandering to the expected twelve-bar standard. Look no further than the all too short opener Memphis for the potential single release. Cassie Taylor will be on tour in the UK in April/May 2011.  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky