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Crayon Angels - Postcards EP (Submarine Broadcasting Company)

Named after the old Judee Sill song, Crayon Angels are a trio consisting of Natalina Castiglioni on Vocals, Del Halpin on Guitar and Ian Montague also on Guitar, whose latest EP POSTCARDS is chock full of melodies in just four songs. Unlike Judee's claim, this trio's songs are hardly out of tune nor is anyone to blame, they are very definitely in tune and their acoustic/electric guitar base provides a fitting canvas upon which Natalina's colourful textures are splashed. The opening song The Last Leaf is bright and breezy, immediately accessible and is topped off with an infectious lilting refrain. The title song Postcards is almost McCartneyesque in its melodic simplicity. 

Although hardly teenagers, the trio sound so refreshingly youthful. To be perfectly honest, when I first heard The Last Leaf, I imagined the singer to be a 17 year-old male with his fringe in his eyes. Just goes to show how our assumptions work. Your Sorry Self is another highly melodic song, along the lines of Extreme's memorable More Than Words, filling the EP with colour and sound, which coincidentally is the title of the final song. I'll be watching with keen interest at which direction Crayon Angels take. Now excuse me, while I listen to it again a few times. 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky