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The Dovetail Trio - Wing of Evening (RootBeat Records)

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Eighteen months after their humble debut performance at a tiny venue in Barnsley, the Dovetail Trio release their first full-length album after months of 'playing-in' their repertoire of predominantly English folk songs. With Rosie Hood's clear no nonsense voice and sparse accompaniment, just guitar and duet concertina courtesy of Jamie Roberts and Matt Quinn respectively, the trio maintain their own distinctive sound throughout. Their choice of instrumentation may be limited to two instruments but their overall sound is full and consistent. As it says on the tin, the interweaving of both instruments dovetail neatly, embellished further by some fine three part harmony singing in places. The song choices are collected pretty democratically amongst the trio, eight of which bear a Roud Folk Song Index number, with one or two from the pens of more contemporary writers such as Lesley Hale and Ken Thomson's The Rose of York and an a cappella reading of Peter Bellamy's Sweet Loving Friendship. The album show stopper though is probably Two Magicians, which closes the set. Produced in Sheffield by the band and Tom Wright (Albion Band, Morris On), WING OF EVENING reveals a band focused on re-inventing the songs and stories of the past.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 386  
Airplay Date: 29.07.15
Track Played: Two Magicians 
Release Date: 04.09.15
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