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Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors - Good Light (Magnolia Music)

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Tennessee-born Drew Holcomb has admitted that he is one of those artists who takes time to hone their craft and see their vision realised over years of development. GOOD LIGHT, which is Drew's sixth album with the three musicians that comprise The Neighbors, is something of an arrival; a coming together of the components that Drew has been nurturing since 2005's WASHED IN BLUE.

Drawing from often harrowing personal experience, this impressive collection of introspective, melodic Southern Americana is a showcase of Holcomb's splendidly pictorial songwriting and distinctive voice. And when that voice is blended with that of Drew's wife Ellie, the results are nothing short of magical. Drew may sing “I'm not a sunset, or a hurricane or a Vincent Van Gogh”, but the effect of those two mingling voices has the impact of all three.
With the sprawling landscape of Tennessee, the tender might of The Wine We Drink and the bluesy soul of Nothing But Trouble, each glinting with delicious slide guitar licks and melodies that will remain with you long after the twelfth track expires, GOOD LIGHT is a perpetually strong and multifaceted album from a thirty year-old songwriter whose craft has surely reached its zenith.
Liam Wilkinson
Northern Sky