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Fabian Holland - A Day Like Tomorrow (Rooksmere Records)

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Upon first hearing Fabian Holland, either in a live situation or on record, one is immediately drawn to a certain sense of mystery. Here's a songwriter who appears to lose himself in his music, hunched over his guitar, which I believe he takes everywhere, eyes closes, totally immersed in his craft. Spending much of his time on his narrow boat, where he lives, Fabian ponders upon the tricky world outside, a world away from a seemingly idyllic home setting, a world of the busy cityscapes of Welcome to the Magic Show, which wouldn't be lost in Chris Wood's repertoire, and the overpowering culture of our devotion to mobile devices on the biting Four Inch Screen, including the frightening notion that we live our lives through such devices. Fabian's not far off the mark with that one for sure. The songs draw us in and we find connections with our own experiences. Who for instance has not come across an old family heirloom and pondered upon our own past, whilst handling such items? The Old Tobacco Tin is beautifully told, so much so you can almost smell the dust let alone the tobacco. Fabian is joined by Fred Claridge throughout the album, who provides some of the atmospheric percussion work, together with Jacob Stoney on keyboards, whilst producer Mark Hutchinson chips in some bass, guitar and percussion. In addition to the original songs, Fabian also includes the Scots ballad The House Carpenter together with the bluesy gospel song Nobody's Fault But Mine, which if I heard that coming from the open window of a passing narrow boat, a shiver would certainly go up the spine, whatever the weather or time of day. 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: Welcome to the Magic Show (Show 374/03.05.15)
Release Date: 27.04.15
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