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Holly Taymar and Christopher Bilton - Never Winter Mind Part Two (Self Release)

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This second installment of Holly Taymar's NEVER WINTER MIND EP series, once again features a handful of self-penned songs, this time co-written with partner Chris Bilton, using his formal name for the first time on any of the York-based singer-songwriters records. The half-dozen songs included find the duo in experimental mood, treating one or two of the arrangements to some sound effect wizardry, such as Indian Sky, with it's Eastern flavour and The French One, with it's vintage 78rpm crackly intro. Holly continues to write melodic songs to suit her rich and effortlessly smooth voice, whilst at the same time rewarding each arrangment to some understated musical trimmings. Recent gigs have seen the inclusion of the electric guitar for the first time, which at those gigs and on this EP, adds to the atmosphere that Holly and Chris endeavour to create. A perfect companion piece to Part One.  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky