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The Honeycutters - Me Oh My (Organic Records)

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For this third album release by Asheville, North Carolina country outfit The Honeycutters, Amanda Platt takes the helm both as chief singer-songwriter and also producer, to produce an album of songs that are equally at home on the world stage as they are on the front porch, as the cover shot suggests. The generous fourteen songs reveal Platt's credentials as a mature songwriter, whose balance between the up-tempo uplifting material and the melancholy country ballads keeps the listener engaged throughout. The opening song Jukebox swings along with a spring in its step, a perfect radio song destined to inhabit jukeboxes up and down the country and much further afield. It's the title song however that demonstrates Amanda's ability to tell it how it is, a song that exemplifies the album's themes of 'love, loss, acceptance and regrowth'. Elsewhere songs such as Little Bird and A Life for You show a more sensitive side to Amanda's songwriting, leaving the listener in no doubt as to the validity and honesty of the songs.  

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 391  
Airplay Date: 02.09.15
Track Played: Me Oh My
Release Date: 21.04.15
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