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Iain Morrison - Eas (Peat Fire Smoke Records)

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Once again Iain Morrison delivers an album chock-full of atmosphere, with nine compositions based on the 'piobaireachd', specifically the classical music of the highland pipes. If the highland pipes are not necessarily your bag, then fear not, EAS might just appeal to your musical senses anyway. Despite each of the songs borrowing from the music of the pipes, the actual instrument is rather shy in making an appearance, rather the impressions and nuances of the pipes are delivered through Morrison's voice and accompanying instrumentation. Named for the gaelic word for either 'waterfall' or 'cascade', the album adopts an almost dreamlike atmosphere throughout as the songs meander through a rich musical soundscape, occasionally coming across as almost tribal, with archive recordings of Morrison's father's canntaireachd and the voice of fellow Isle of Lewis legend Donald Macleod on Too Long in This Condition, to the almost Native American chant-like offering of To the Sea. Morrison also occasionally drifts into Glen Hansard/Damien Rice territory with The Little Spree for instance, which features Morrison's fragile, almost vulnerable voice and gentle acoustic whispering. Highly meditative, EAS is the sort of album that you put on when you need to relax, in the same manner of, let's say, Debussy.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Show Number: 391  
Airplay Date: 02.09.15
Track Played: The Little Spree
Release Date: 31.07.15
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