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Ian Carr and the Various Artists - Who He? (Reveal)

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Over the last few years, the name Ian Carr has become synonymous with quality accompaniment, being drafted into many a collective, collaboration or band in order to provide something rather special on six strings; a guitarist who doesn't need much coaxing in the way of empathetic rhythms. Some of those memorable performances could over the years be found behind a handful of familiar voices, Eddi Reader, Kate Rusby and Heidi Talbot or alongside contemporary musicians Kathryn Tickell, Kris Drever and John McCusker, to name but a few. Ian continues to stretch his creative credentials with this, his first solo album, recorded in collaboration with a handful of choice Scandinavian musicians. Instrumental for the most part, the nine selections are imbued with an intriguing mixture of top notch musicianship and quirky arrangement, with never a dull moment. Fellow Timber playmate Maria Jonsson provides the two vocal performances on both the beautifully melodic Road Drill and also on Just Nu, sung in Swedish, although the lead track I'll Call You does have a sort of Laurie Anderson-styled vocoder vocal. Possibly the most unusual piece on the album is Talking Frances, a fine arrangement featuring some of Ian's dexterous playing interspersed with some archive spoken passages by one Frances Carr, Ian's mother, telling it how it was back in the day. Who He? is precisely the sort of debut we would expect from Ian Carr.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: I’ll Call You (Show 359/18.01.15)
Release Date: 26.01.15
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