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Jimmy LaFave - Depending On The Distance (Music Road)

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For years, Austin, Texas has been something of a chief supplier when it comes to singer songwriters. Nancy Griffith, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Joe Ely have all slipped off the conveyor belt, as has Jimmy LaFave, whose first release in five years has just hit the shelves.

DEPENDING ON THE DISTANCE is not simply a showcase of new and well-crafted LaFave originals such as Living In Your Light and It Just Is Not Right, the album also includes Jimmy's take on such classics as John Waite's Missing You, Bob Dylan's Tomorrow Is A Long Time and Bruce Springsteen's Land of Hope and Dreams - perfect opportunities for this uniquely passionate voice to soar.
DEPENDING ON THE DISTANCE provides a well-balanced drive through the landscape of the American south with a mix of tender acoustic ballads and sun-soaked mainstream country songs, bound by a tight band of slick musicians. It is an album of saturated colour snaps and dog-eared sepia scenes.
Liam Wilkinson
Northern Sky