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JT Nero - Mountains Forests (Self Release)

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Anyone fortunate enough to have caught either Po' Girl or JT and the Clouds in concert will know this new venture to be a match made in Heaven. JT Nero, also known as Jeremy Lindsay, teams up with Po' Girl's Allison Russell for a beautiful collaboration featuring the musicians from both of their respective bands, including Benny Sidelinger, playing a bunch of his own self-built instruments no doubt, Mikey 'Lightning' August on drums, JT's brother Drew Lindsey on keyboards, Dan Abu-Absi on guitars and mandolin and Christopher Merrill on drums. JT's original musical partner Michelle Mcgrath also provides guitar as well as that all important third voice.From the opening few bars of the title song Mountains/Forests we know we're onto a good thing. The ten JT originals each are treated to soulful arrangements, with the three inimitable voices very much to the fore. Recorded over a three day period in Wisconsin, MOUNTAINS/FORESTS features songs that could have been written decades ago, even referencing at one point Elton John's Tiny Dancer in the title song and Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey in Roll Tide, certainly from an entirely different era. The songs are often surreal with JT concerning himself more with the sonic feel than the lyrical content. Once heard, you'll never quite forget the electric seahorses or for that matter the Elephant King.   

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky