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Judy Dunlop - The Essential (Self Release)

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A fitting title for this collection of some of Judy Dunlop's finest interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs. 'Essential' not only describes this fine collection, but it's also essential that we have such a singer of this standard around to convey these songs. Anyone who's had the good fortune to sit in the audience at one of Judy's live shows will be able to bring to mind immediately that unmistakably, pure and inimitable voice, which is captured here not only delivering the old time gospel of songs of Doc Watson (The Long Journey), an old children's song by the late Harry Chapin (Flowers Are Red), a dark ballad from the pen of Sydney Carter (Crow on the Cradle) or an array of contemporary songs by some of the song writers she has worked closely with, Mick Ryan, Ashley Hutchings and Julie Matthews. With appearances by Blair Dunlop, John Tams, Jackie Oates and Barry Coope, as well as regular collaborators Jon Scaife, Steve Marsh and Paul Downes, ESSENTIAL is a good starting point for those unfamiliar with the singing of Blair's mum and will put you on until you catch Judy in person at your earliest convenience.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Radio Play: The Willow (Show 329/16.06.14)
Release Date: Available Now
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