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The Lennerockers - High Class Lady (AGR Television Records)

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The Lennerockers take their name from the Lenne River upon which their hometown of Hohenlimburg stands in West Germany. The roots of their rockabilly music couldn't be further from the medieval Limburg roots of their town. HIGH CLASS LADY is the best of the Lennerockers, twenty-five years on from their debut LP in 1986. The band have had their highs and lows along the way, playing in a chartered Boeing 757 at a record breaking altitude of almost 12,000 feet, to playing in a salt mine 502 metres below ground.

The testosterone-fuelled HIGH CLASS LADY has all the usual rock n roll tenets, pin up girls, pickup trucks, movie star fantasies, strong brown liqueur and the odd yee-haw to keep the spirits up, with some fine lines that could only be found in country-based rock n roll; 'Lone left men get odd on their own, doin' stupid things at home, thinking thoughts that should never be thought, drinking things that should never be bought.'

With Michael Ele Koch on banjo and vocals, Stefan Koch on piano, Frank Butgereit on guitar, Dirk Mankel on drums and Chuck Shoker on upright bass, this thirty-year old touring band slip through genres as easily as they slip into denim, with the odd Cajun number Down in Louisiana, some fine barrelhouse boogie-woogie in Boogie Woogie Queen and of course some Mississippi Delta Blues. Good party music with the occasional line dance classic.     

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky