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Mishaped Pearls - Thamesis (Self Release)

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When you first experience the London-based band Mishaped Pearls, whether that be audibly on record or audio/visually right there in front of you, in person, you are immediately drawn to another world entirely. There doesn't appear to be any contrivance or artificiality evident in what they do, they create their otherworldly aura and ethereal presence quite naturally, so much so that you tend not to want to fully grasp how this works for fear of revealling the 'magic'. For evidence of this so called 'magic', look no further than the chorus of Cornish Girl, the exquisite harmonies of which demand an instant replay, but not to the extent of revealing any of the Magic Circle's precious secrets.       

The band's third release THAMESIS happens to be one humdinger of an album and once again the band succeed in keeping the mystery very much a mystery. The nucleus of this unique sound lies in the outstanding lyricism and musical prowess of Ged Flood, who provides the muse-like German-born mezzo soprano Manuela Schütte with a delicious repertoire to work her magic on. The third vital ingredient is the multi-instrumentalist Gerry Diver, who works in partnership with Flood on the arrangements and also co-produces.
With just nine songs, mostly from the pen of Ged Flood, plus an almost throwaway coda whose title reflects the content La La La, the album provides the listener with more than a bunch of nice songs, but a veritable journey into the unknown. Even when the band re-work one of Ralph McTell's classic songs, seen in this case from a woman's perspective, it's almost like you're hearing the song for the very first time. Brilliant album.      
Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky
Radio Play: Cornish Girl (Show 330/30.06.14)
Release Date: 26.05.14
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