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Pharis and Jason Romero - A Wanderer I'll Stay (Lula Records)

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The four acoustic instruments pictured on the cover flap of the latest album release by Pharis and Jason Romero seem to be twlling their own story right there. The two guitars and two banjos stand against the wall in all their sepia glory and tell us; this is our music, honest, true and as straight as the strings attached. Add to that the songs and the two gorgeously blended voices and we feel that's all we really need. The duo's third album release features a dozen fine songs, either written individually or collectively by the duo or otherwise borrowed from other sources, Billy Mayhew's It's a Sin To Tell a Lie and Charley Willis's Goodbye, Old Paint for instance. Stylistically, it's difficult to tell the vintage 1940s material from the new, but in the hands of Pharis and Jason, this's precisely what we've come to expect. The mournful title song and album opener A Wanderer I'll Stay, is packed with all the crucial hallmarks associated with this beautifully melodic and sensitively played Old Time music. Those four humble instruments are joined by a fiddle, a bass, a pedal steel guitar and drums tastefully rendered by Josh Rabie, John Hurd, Marc Jenkins and Brent Morton respectively.    

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: A Wanderer I'll Stay (Show 379/07.06.15)
Release Date: 01.05.15
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