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RANT - Reverie (Make Believe Records)

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Joining forces once again for this their second album, RANT's Bethany Reid, Jenna Reid, Sarah-Jane Summers and Lauren MacColl combine their individual fiddle styles over thirteen songs and tunes in a celebration of musical dexterity and collaborative empathy. Nominated quite rightly for the BBC Folk Awards in 2014, the quartet have continued to work together, playing both major festivals and high profile concerts, whilst continuing to work on their own individual projects and various collaborations. Despite having little difficulty sitting through an entire classical symphony or a box set of Miles Davis instrumentals, purely instrumental folk albums rarely hold my attention, therefore the strategically placed guest vocal appearances here are a welcome addition to the set. Adding their highly individual and inimitable voices are Julie Fowlis on the sprightly Gaelic song Thug thu chonnlach as an t-sabhal (You Took the Straw from the Barn), and Ewan McLennan on the delicate Mary's Dream. REVERIE features some highly confident playing from four remarkable musicians whose own compositions sit alongside traditional and contemporary tunes on equal terms.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky