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Rita Hosking - Burn (Self Release)

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We are immediately up to speed as to where Rita Hosking is coming from in the opening lines to Something You Got, where the singer not only name checks Johnny and June Cash, but also Van Morrison as well, citing all three as pretty much the ideal place to start when it comes to writing a good love song. On this, Rita Hosking's fourth album to date, the American landscape is explored in eleven original songs, from the excitement of the Burney Demo Derby in both Crash and Burn, from where the album’s title derives and My Demolition Man, which opens with a short sound bite reflecting the car-dominated sleeve artwork, to the 'war on the working man', exemplified in songs such as Ballad For The Gulf of Mexico and the dignity of work in the beautiful When Miners Sang. The songs are dominated by a voice that means business; a voice that has all the necessary passion and soul to deliver these songs, but maintains an earthy from-the-land quality. Whether singing about the important issues such as mill and pit closures to something as mundane as washing dishes, this Californian singer-songwriter keeps the listener engaged simply by having the ability to tell a good story. Produced by Rich Brotherton, BURN features Glenn Fukunaga on bass, Tom Van Schaik on drums, husband Sean Feder on dobro, banjo and percussion, Andy Lentz on fiddle and Marty Muse on pedal steel and lap steel. Rita Hosking will be visiting the UK once again in October, accompanied by Michael Chapman.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky