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Rita Hosking - Little Boat (Self Release)

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Rita Hosking returns with what could be possibly described as a family album, or to be pedantic, a mini-family album. Seven new songs performed by the Californian singer/songwriter, with more than a little help from husband Sean Feder on dobro and banjo, their 18 year-old daughter Kora on clawhammer banjo, Kathy Brotherton on accordion and producer Rich Brotherton on just about everything else. The songs themselves beggar the question why Rita Hosking is not a household name, let alone the performances here. 

Recorded over four days in Austin, Texas, the songs range from thoughts on the big issues of mortality in Parting Glass, which opens the collection, to more thoughts on the subject of jobs, or to be specific the lack of them, previously touched upon on Ballad of Gulf of Mexico on BURN by way of more domestic affairs such as household dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming on Clean, again touched upon previously with Dishes, also on Rita's last full length album. It's the juxtaposition between the big issues and the things closer to home that make the songs so engaging. The revelation on this collection of songs though is Where Time is Reigning, a song co-written by mother and daughter and with harmonies to die for. LITTLE BOAT will provide the perfect souvenir when Rita and Sean visit these shores once again for a short tour in March.
Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky