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Rita Payne - Stories From the Suitcase (Self Release)

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Former school pals Rhiannon Scutt and Pete Sowerby otherwise known as Rita Payne, an artistically licensed anagram of their combined names, have spent the last few months recreating what they do perfectly well at home on stages large and small both locally and further afield, gathering a core following along the way. In the autumn of 2012, the duo entered Wavelength Studios in Doncaster to record an album's worth of their most popular self-penned songs, with a view to making this special thing they have going work. 

With producer Keith Angel on drums and percussion, together with Andy Seward (Kate Rusby) on bass and banjo, Rita Payne once again demonstrates their highly empathetic vocal harmonies, together with their penchant for tempo-changing song structures, on ten original songs, including live favourites Ashes, Stay and Forced to Run. Difficult to categorise, the two musicians take their inspiration from a wide range of musical styles including contemporary pop music, British and American folk, bluegrass, blues and country, all of which manifests itself seamlessly in the music and songs of Rita Payne. One to watch out for in 2013 for sure.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky