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The Young'uns - When Our Grandfathers Said No (Navigator)

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Anyone familiar with the three part harmony singing of Hartlepool trio Michael Hughes, Sean Cooney and David Eagle, otherwise known as The Young'uns, affectionately named by their elder peers in Teesside pubs during sessions frequented by much older participants, will perhaps expect an unaccompanied vocal album. The trio's fourth album WHEN OUR GRANDFATHERS SAID NO, not only showcases their tight harmonies but also their fine instrumentation on songs such as Another Storm, Love in a Northern Town and the adventurous Wild Goose, each revealing a pretty well-rounded statement of music and song.

Produced by Megson's Stu Hanna, the dozen songs included here range from sea shanties, work songs, Northern love songs together with a fine three-part vocal rendition of James Taylor's You Can Close Your Eyes. One of the highlights of the album is Sean Cooney's powerful Jenny Waits for Me, a tour-de-force of vocal magnificence, whilst The Battle of Stockton is a moving ballad which recalls 1930s contemporary small town life as locals stand unified in their opposition to fascism, a recurring theme in our own times.
Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky