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Nick Harper

Fibbers, York
Wednesday 7 December 2005

Nick Harper was pretty much on form at Fibbers last night, thrilling the York audience with the severe battering he gave his guitar. Two strings broken this time, giving him no less than two opportunities to dazzle the audience with his trademark party piece - re-stringing without missing a beat, singing throughout. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know a better performer on the scene today, certainly nobody who can play that well, sing that well, and also be blessed with a pleasing and infectious personality to boot. With a vocal range that could rival Jeff Buckley - he actually sang Grace last night, in fact two performers sang it - Nick Harper gave his tonsils a gruelling hour or so, running through all his best stuff, The Verse Time Forgot, She Rules My World, The Magnificent G7 as well as some of the songs from his new CD. He also did his rendition of Guitar Man, which half way through pays homage to Plant and Page with a blistering few bars of Whole Lotta Love. No effects pedal thingy sadly. KT Tunstall might've put him off, now that she has given the device the Top of the Pops treatment. Might not be cool anymore. Not content to limit his antics to the stage, Nick surprised everybody by jumping off the back of the stage, running through the side door and bombarding the audience with acoustic guitar in hand. It was that kind of fun night and I reckon he loved every minute. There were three supporting singers, a would be Jeff Buckley (he was the one who sang Grace first), Gina Dootson (a young lassie who we had earlier this year at the Sprotbrough club), and a Canadian singer songwriter, who is currently on tour with Nick. Each of the support singers was good enough in their own right, but in all honesty, it was Nick's night through and through.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky