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The Northern Sky team are currently listening to the following items and a review will follow shortly.

Laura Smyth and Ted Kemp - The Poacher's Fate (Broken Token Records)

If you're going to make a traditional folk album, it's significantly helpful to be immersed in the genre. And, as the senior librarian at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, Laura Smyth is positively drenched. She's also fortunate enough to possess a gorgeous voice that, with help from the album...

Maimu Jõgeda - Pühendus (Self Release)

There are few better ways to spend thirty-three minutes than in the company of Maimu Jõgeda's captivating accordion. On PÜHENDUS, the young musician invites us to explore the landscapes of her native Estonia via twelve original instrumentals, all played with palpable emotion and dexterity on a...

Midnight Skyracer - Fire (Self Release)

I was well aware as I faffed about with the settings on my Nikon D5100 that we were steadily losing light on the opening night of the 2017 Cambridge Folk Festival, just after Midnight Skyracer left the club tent, following their rather tastefully rendered Thursday evening set. We missed our...