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Thanks for visiting the Northern Sky website. Northern Sky began as a personal blog around 2005 and featured the music I personally enjoy, from a wide spectrum of colours and shades, including folk, country, Americana, jazz, blues, occasionally rock and pop, as well as interesting sounds from around the world. Since starting Northern Sky as a personal blog on MySpace (remember that?), then contributing to such online (and paper) publications as fRoots, Maverick, FATEA, Stirrings and Folk and Roots, the Northern Sky website developed into what it is today, with one or two regular writers, photographers and contributors, including Marc Higgins, Liam Wilkinson, Steve Henderson, Phil Carter and Bryan Ledgard, all of whom make these pages such a valuable resource.

Since getting our name out there, reporting on several annual festivals such as the Cambridge Folk Festival, Musicport, Wath Festival, Shepley Spring Festival, Moonbeams, Doncaster Folk Festival and the Great British Folk Festival, amongst others, together with dozens of music venues around the country including The Greystones (Sheffield), the Howard Assembly Room (Leeds), the Roots Music Club (Doncaster), the Royal Festival Hall (London) and the Liverpool Philharmonic, we feel we have built up a healthy following and hopefully our reviews are useful to the artists we cover, and more importantly, to the listener who goes out and buys the tickets and the records, and you never know, maybe even the t shirt.

Northern Sky now accepts physical items only and makes every effort to ensure that every item is featured on the site. Check out our forthcoming releases page here:

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Many thanks and please pop by again soon.

Allan Wilkinson (Editor)