7 Adult Halloween Party Ideas and Games


If you’re like most folks, Halloween is usually all about your kids—from trick-or-treating and preparing gross-looking delicacies to frightening-cute costumes. Change things up this year by choosing various games for Halloween parties that are ideal for grownups.

On Halloween night, kids are out doing their best impression of whatever character they dressed up as for trick or treat. On the contrary, adults get to stay home, indulge in conversation, eat food, play in a 1 dollar minimum deposit casino, and drink up. Why not add some Halloween spiciness to your night?

7 Adult Halloween Party Ideas and Games

Let’s bump up the festivities with these 7 adult Halloween party ideas and games. (Alcohol included)

1. Halloween Karaoke

What better way to get the party started than to get everyone singing? Put together a playlist of popular and classic Halloween songs that can pump up the bass. 

Take Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” as an example. Guests that are too shy to be the center of attention can try to guess the name of the songs. Halloween is the one time of the year you’re allowed to sing terribly to add to the list of horrors.

2. Halloween’s Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading might not seem like a party thing at first, but you’d be surprised how many people would like to try it. It’s best to hire a professional fortune-teller so they can provide somewhat accurate readings. 

You must create a mystic atmosphere by dimming the lights, putting up scented candles, and using a smoke machine. You can even set up a tent for the tarot card reader.

3. Spin the Bottle: Halloween Edition

If you’re spending Halloween with close friends and family, it’s time to give the old bottle a spin. Ask for truth or dare. If someone chooses the truth, you may ask them about a dark secret that’ll make everyone’s heads turn. 

If they choose to dare, get them to do something that’ll get everyone’s heart racing. This game is ten times more fun after you’ve had a couple of drinks.

4. Halloween Movie Drinking Game

This activity is just perfect if you like to binge-watch horror movies. You must pick out your favorite horror or thriller flick and get ready with popcorn and alcohol. Pick out a word, phrase, or action most likely to repeat throughout the movie. 

Every time there is a recurrence, you and your friends need to go bottom up! For example, take a sip of your drink if someone screams or take a shot when you see a weapon.

5. Halloween Murder Mystery

Do you want to scheme elaborately on Halloween? Here’s your chance. 

To begin a murder mystery game, you must have a story with a twist. Next, you must assign characters to each of your guests. 

Don’t forget to ask everyone to come dressed as the given character in advance. Only the murderer should know that their character is the culprit. 

Throughout the game, leave some mysterious notes with some clues for the participants. As a host, it should be your job to ensure that no one breaks character and they find out who did it by the night’s end.

6. Halloween Ghost Photoshoot

This one is a TikTok trend, but your friends will look back upon the result for years to come. It would be best if you had all your friends lined up in classic white bedsheet ghost style for this trend. 

Instead of only cutting out the eyes from the cloth, you wear black sunglasses on top. Here’s what you need to click a perfect photo.

●     Night or evening time for the backdrop

●     Go out. Public places are better.

●     Everyone should do fun, different poses.

●     Have the flash on when you click your pictures.

●     Add a retro filter or effect for the vibes.

You can compile all the photos together in the length of a tik-tok video to the song “Oh Oklahoma” by Jack Stauber.

7. Blair Witch Halloween Project

If you’re unfamiliar, “The Blair Witch Project” is a popular horror movie based on the concept of found footage. Assign a single video camera for this at a Halloween party. 

All through the night, you can pass on the camera to guests and ask them to record themselves describing their greatest fear or worst nightmare

At the end of the night, do a screening of this footage. It can either get really spooky or hilarious.

Last Words

Happy Halloween! If you’re planning a bunch of different activities for Halloween, keep it up. Although, if you’ve got your heart set on an elaborate theme or game, it would be best to let your guests know in advance and take their consent for all activities.


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