Benefits of a Dedicated Internet Connection


A dedicated internet connection, or dedicated internet access, is a connection that is not shared with other people or customers. It is a great way to help your business get equal upload and download speeds. This characteristic will allow you to get a symmetrical connection which means that you will have equal upload and download speeds.

Today reliable internet connectivity is essential for any business, and thanks to satellite internet providers, businesses can now have dedicated internet connection no matter where they’re located. Any means of communication, whether it is email, Zoom, or other kinds of video calls is enhanced by the benefits of a dedicated internet connection. High volumes of information are constantly being moved around, and because of that, a dedicated internet connection is highly beneficial.


A dedicated internet connection is also superior to broadband in terms of security, which is a not insignificant point. The companies that manage important and confidential data know that security comes first. Dedicated connections are so secure because the data travels from point to point, without any intermediaries. The lower the number of people or entities that can access your network, the less chance there is of information being leaked.


This is one of the biggest benefits of dedicated internet access. These make it possible for your internet speeds to remain steady, which means that you will receive the exact speed your company purchased. Another important fact is that the speed will be symmetrical. For example, with a dedicated internet Ashburn, VA you can get access to speeds from 1.5MB to 1 Gbps. If your company purchased 100Mbps you will get 100mbps for upload and download speeds.

Bottom Line

Today the most common internet access is shared internet, which means that more than one company is using the same connection. This can lead to security and speed issues, things that nobody wants for their companies. The solution to avoid possible future problems is a connection delivered via ethernet or private-line circuits like dedicated internet access.


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