Essential Features to Look for in a Home Security System

Home Security System

Many insurance companies offer 2 to 10% discounts on homeowners’ policies for those who get a monitored home security system.

Some professional installers will visit your house to determine the system’s needs and prepare a proposal. Others consult over the phone or online. Most systems are now wireless, eliminating the need for wiring through walls and reducing installation time.

Motion Sensors

There are 2.5 million burglaries in the US annually, and even a simple home security system can stop them. A comprehensive home security system includes motion sensors that can stop criminals before they break into your house or trespass on your property.

These sensors detect movement using one or more technologies and send a signal to the control panel. This alerts you and your monitoring center to a potential threat, and you can activate the alarm if needed.

PIR (passive infrared) sensors look for changes in infrared energy when people move through a protected area. However, sunlight or dust motes can trigger them as well. Dual technology sensors combine a PIR with a microwave sensor to reduce the likelihood of false alarms.


The technology available for home security systems in Illinois is more advanced than ever. Many systems now include features such as key fobs (similar to car lock/unlock fobs) that allow you to arm and disarm the system without using your passcode, tamper-sensitive sensors, glass break and temperature/humidity sensors, carbon monoxide detection, pet-friendly motion detectors and alert panic buttons (also known as duress alarms).

Many systems are also now wireless. This means you don’t need a professional to run wires through your walls and can avoid a potentially costly installation process. Look for a system compatible with smart home tools. This will give you more control and convenience over your system. Additionally, it can aid in avoiding erroneous alerts and guarantee the efficient operation of your system.

Door and Window Sensors

Protecting your property from break-ins and threats is essential whether you live in Chicago or plan to buy a home. There are many ways to do that, including installing smart locks, door sensors, and other security devices.

With these, you can receive alerts and other notifications on your smartphone if someone tries to open a window or enter through the front door while the system is set. The alarm can also go off, and the monitoring center will be notified.

Door and window sensors usually have adjustable sensitivity levels, so you can control their sensitivity to avoid false alarms from wandering animals or other sources. They also usually mount to the frame or glass and can be adjusted using a screwdriver.

Smoke Detectors

Unlike the old battery-powered detectors that would likely let you know your toast was overdone, the smoke alarms connected to your home security system are sophisticated. They use state-of-the-art ionization and photoelectric technology to detect everything from excess smoke to a full-blown fire and send an alert to your smartphone or home monitoring company.

If the detectors are professionally monitored, they can also contact the police on your behalf. This makes the system more reliable than traditional alarms, which are not backed by a central station and could fail due to old batteries or contamination from dust.

Remote Access

Home security systems can help keep homes safe from burglaries, fires, and more. With a few key features, these systems can be made smarter and more secure than ever before.

Using remote access, you can arm and disarm your alarms and check the status of any device that can connect to the internet. You can also view and control your cameras and doorbells remotely.

It’s essential to understand the crime rates in your specific Chicago neighborhood. For example, crime in neighborhoods like Austin, Lake View, and Near North Side tends to be higher than in other parts of the city. Fortunately, professional monitoring will alert you of any problems in seconds and dispatch authorities to your home in an emergency. Many security companies offer free in-home consultations to determine your needs and prepare a proposal.


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