Everything You Need to Know About Townhomes


Before purchasing a townhome, you must consider several factors. Among them are the amenities offered by the community, HOA fees, and pet restrictions. You may also want to consider the size and location of your potential property.

Amenities in a Townhome Community

When looking for townhome rentals Nacogdoches, you’ll want to look for standard amenities in the building. Often, these include a fireplace, spacious master suites with large closets, and a half-bathroom downstairs. The best part about these amenities is that you can add them without spending much money upfront. Some communities can even add advertising, which can generate a decent amount of revenue for the property. 

The governing documents of the building will also define which homeowners are allowed to use which common elements. Many homeowners are unaware of the existence of standard amenities in their community. However, they can benefit from these amenities as part of their monthly rent. For example, they can take advantage of amenities such as a fitness center, a community room, and free WiFi.

HOA Fees

There are several benefits to HOA fees for townhomes. First, these fees can help you maintain your community’s common areas and shared structures. These services may include keeping your townhome’s roof and exterior walls, the streets, landscaping, and even snow removal. In addition to providing maintenance and security services, HOA fees can also cover several other expenses, such as insurance for common areas and recreational facilities.

Some HOA fees are lower than others, so it’s important to know what to expect before signing the dotted line. For example, HOA fees are generally lower than coops or single-family houses. But if you want to enjoy the amenities of a townhome, you might want to choose a single-family home instead.

Monthly HOA fees for townhomes vary considerably but generally range between $200 to $300 a month. Prices may also go up over time due to maintenance expenses and landscaping. These fees are bundled into your mortgage and are paid to the HOA board.

Pet Restrictions

Pet restrictions are often included in home associations and can be a significant factor in determining whether or not you can bring your pet home. For example, home associations often limit the number of animals allowed per unit and may impose a maximum weight limit. Others might limit the number of dogs or cats per unit and even require owners to keep the front lawn clean.

In some cases, pet owners can challenge pet restrictions in court. For example, a recent case involved a townhome association that sought to ban dogs over 25 pounds. While the judge ruled in the plaintiff’s favor, the case also recognized that the association could not prevent a person from owning a large dog.

Before buying a townhome, you should carefully research the pet restrictions for the building. The rules may not be unreasonable, but you should read them thoroughly to ensure you can accommodate your pet. The best way to find out if there are any restrictions is to talk to the owners. If the rules are very stringent, you might be better off looking for a different community.

Although many buildings have relaxed their pet restrictions, you should always check with the management company or landlord before deciding. Some building owners may evict tenants for violating no-pet rules.


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