Tips for Finding the Right Deck Builder

When you purchased your home, you probably had lots of plans and ideas that would make it perfect. Some of those plans probably revolved around your outdoor living spaces, including installing a deck. After you have created a detailed plan, including whether you need stairs, lighting, railings and a covering, you are ready to find a deck builder. These are some tips to help.

Research Local Contractors

First, you should start making a list of local contractors. You can start by searching for “deck builders near me.” Search through their websites to determine what types of services they offer and whether they discuss timelines. Find testimonials from other customers. Then, expand your research to your local chamber of commerce, the Better Business Bureau and local review websites. Use this information to narrow your list.

Ask for Recommendations

Look around your neighborhood for decks you like. Ask your neighbors what contractors they used. You can also ask friends, family members or coworkers, especially if they have had a deck installed recently. Ask about their experiences, good and bad, and whether they would recommend their contractors to others.

Write Out Your Questions

You should make a list of questions for your prospective contractors, including whether they have time to complete your project along with when they expect to complete it. Ask about labor costs, materials, liability insurance, experience, the building process and permit requirements. You can ask about previous challenges and how they overcame them. Think of any question you have and write it down.

Contact the Contractors

Call each contractor on your list. Ask whether they have time to work on your project first. Then, ask for an in-person meeting, preferably at the site of your project. You can also ask your questions, or you can wait for your in-person meeting. Finally, ask about the costs to build a deck and get a written estimate.

If you are ready to start tackling that to-do list for your home, start by searching out the right deck contractor for you.


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