How Vingo is Changing the Indoor Cycling Scene

Are you part of the Vingo world yet? If not, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Vingo is a virtual reality app developed exclusively for indoor exercises. Many people use the app for Indoor cycling by pairing the app with their training bikes.

They enter the virtual world inside the app and experience the world, right from the comfort of their homes. You can become a part of this amazing experience too. Here are some few exciting things about the app that will make you want it right now.

Vingo Creates a Virtual Online World

The Vingo app works on the same principles of any other virtual reality app, only here, you will be using the virtual reality experience with your exercise schedule. Using the app, you can enter cyberspace and explore the interesting landscapes inside it.

The app has been programmed with scenic routes and landscapes that will take your mind off the exercise and make you relax and enjoy the same. You can select from a variety of maps inside the app, be it the icy peaks of the Himalayas, or the warm beaches of Hawaii, and cycle inside them.

Start Cycling in this Virtual Arena

You can start by installing the app on your smartphone. You can even install it on your iPad for a better experience. Once installed, you can connect the app with your training bike via Bluetooth. Proceed to create your account within the app and add your profile to it. And then you are done. You can now enjoy Online cycling within the virtual world by selecting the maps from the app’s dashboard.

Create Your Personalised Avatar

The avatar feature is one of the coolest things in the app. You can create your own digital image inside the app by taking a selfie in it. The app will create your virtual avatar and you can add different outfits to it too. You can also add your favourite exercise equipment, and even your pet dog to accompany you inside the virtual world. This avatar is what you will see on the screens before you and everyone inside Vingo will see you as the avatar. So make sure you suit up well.

Become a Part of the Virtual Cycling Network

The Indoor cycling app has a community feature inside it too. These communities are created and maintained by the users from around the world. Their purpose is to bring together people sharing similar interests in exercises. You can browse through them and join some of those communities too. You can take part in the events that happen within them and even chat with the members too.

Fitness & Fun Goes Hand in hand

All things considered; this virtual bike training app is an amazing piece of technology that is revolutionising people’s lives in an interesting manner. You can change yours too. Install Vingo and get fit in a fun way. With all these great features and nice to have additions, you will love the app.


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