Key Services Offered by International Public Accounting Tax and Consulting Firms

A public accounting firm offers various services to help companies save time and money. These services include reducing tax liabilities, filing taxes correctly, and advising on budgeting strategies. Regional accounting firms serve mid-level business customers with tailored solutions. They typically specialize in audit and assurance, tax, and advisory services.

Advisory Services

The world’s largest public accounting and consulting firms provide advisory services. These include assisting companies with financial reporting and navigating international standards, and professionals like, Mark Hirschhorn help companies prepare for an IPO. They also help companies identify and manage risk. The firm offers interns significant hands-on experience and provides full-time staff access to mentorship, training, and internal mobility opportunities. It also promotes diversity and encourages philanthropy through volunteering and fundraising. As companies increasingly engage in global transactions, they must understand and comply with local laws and reporting standards.

Tax Compliance

Keeping pace with tax regulations and deadlines can feel like aiming at a moving target. Increasingly complex rules and policies, rapid technology changes, increased reporting requirements, and regulatory scrutiny affect the strategy and execution of tax compliance. International accounting and consulting firms assist clients from large multinationals to family-owned businesses with their tax compliance needs. They offer services including foreign earned income exclusion and tax credit assistance for individuals working abroad, real estate investment advisory, property tax compliance, and specialized filings for nonprofit entities.


International public accounting firms can provide auditing services that allow businesses to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure company policies are adhered to. These firms can also help companies restore stakeholder confidence and ensure that the company appropriately uses assets. These firms are experts in the complexities of filing tax documents. They can help clients understand the types of records that need to be submitted and can also keep up with any new laws that may impact existing filings. The firm offers a collaborative work environment that encourages people to think creatively and communicate openly. They also focus on giving back to the community and promoting diversity and inclusion. Interns get hands-on experience, and full-time staff are given extensive training and mentoring. The firm is one of the country’s top 50 accounting and financial services firms and is known for its integrity and years of industry experience.

Financial Statement Preparation

Accounting services help companies keep track of their profit and loss, which is crucial for long-term business health. By establishing regular reports demonstrating how much you’re spending on operations and how much revenue you’ve generated, you can identify areas where expenditures should be reduced to increase profitability. Additionally, public accounting services can offer advice regarding tax compliance. This can include identifying potential deductions that could save you money come tax time and providing insight into minimizing your exposure to financial risk. Financial accounting is preparing financial statements using rules that most users of the statements, including investors and creditors, accept. This includes reporting revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities. It also covers the disclosure principle, which dictates that a financial statement should contain footnotes and schedules to provide context for the reported information. It also requires professional judgment to determine whether an item in a report is materially misleading.


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