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There are lots of home builders, and the industry has returned considerably stronger from the 2009 Recession and the burst of the real estate bubble. In that decade, Colorado has seen its ups and downs, just like many of the other states. However, since 2013, the market has been steadily restoring itself, and by 2019 it was extremely solid and growing. Many of the real estate projects in Colorado have also been stabilized as well, especially those that had solid establishment well before the 2009 bubble started its deflation.

A Good Example of Colorado Home Building With a Deep History

Kopper Creek Building LLC, for example, was set in place back in February 2003. With management that had been in the home-building business as far back as the middle of the 1980s, Kopper Creek Building leveraged that know-how and developed the next generation of homes for Colorado as a result.

Situated now in Montrose, Kopper Creek Homes provides a combination of land and home, providing solid flexibility in how to acquire a home project built from the ground up versus a cookie-cutter suburban project.

Key factors that help a project continue, even through serious economic change, are varied. Those factors include:

  • Building faster
  • Building better
  • Reducing cost to be more competitive
  • Minimize the work

Most homebuyers have regularly had to settle for choosing from a handful of models repeated every three or four homes on a street. This cookie-cutter market approach has been key in allowing home builders to provide lots of units at lower costs. Variations are provided through “elevations” and facades that make the given homes look a bit different from each other. However, the fact remains, the homes available are limited and canned production.

Perceived to be Out of Reach

Because of the cost of building, many have assumed that custom-built homes are not within reach, being something that only a luxury homebuyer can afford. In reality, however, a number of projects in Colorado are not only making sure these types of homes are within reach but are doing so following the four key elements listed above. The results are unique and individualized homes that the average person can enjoy and know that they are not living in a carbon copy of the neighbor’s home down the road. Not only does it provide a better home buying experience, the entire process from land to plan to build is probably one of the best experiences of home buying on the market.


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