Recycling Cubicle Furniture Can Save on Office Setup Costs


The 2020 pandemic create a lot more problems than just health issues. It also made a tremendous amount of cubicle furniture in offices obsolete. As companies had to adjust quickly for operation differences, changing markets and going online, a good number of operations cut ties with their physical building and properties.

While that freed up monies from leases no one was using, it also created a tremendous amount of spare cubicle furniture as well. As a result, used office furniture dealers and stores are swimming in inventory, and lot of it is high quality stuff.

Why So Much Fixed Furniture?

Companies that realized there were significant savings to going online let go of their building properties, and that mean all the furniture they had in them had to be moved out. With nowhere to store it, much of that furniture was liquidated in fire sales to get rid of it and get some money back.

As a result, used furniture dealers had their choice picks to grab from hundreds of buildings and office sets in big cities across the country. Now, as many businesses are heading back, there are huge savings that can be stored on that inventory versus paying full dollar for brand-new equipment.

Used cubicle equipment is not the ratty-tatty leftovers from the 1980s. Much of the inventory available in 2023 tends to be equipment that is barely a few years old, in prime condition and gently used. That means it easily has a decade or two worth of life on it still to be consumed.

Are There Different Forms and Configurations?

Absolutely. The beauty of used cubicles and related furniture sets was their ability to be shaped and placed in different configurations. This made the most modern cubicle systems highly sought after when they were in full implementation before the pandemic.

Now there is a glut of them in the used furniture world, waiting to be a bargain for a new small business or startup that needs furniture for its first office.

With the volume of cubicle sets liquidated so quickly, the current inventory available is really amazing and worth looking at. There are styles and types that would otherwise be out of reach for many businesses due to what was their full retail cost.

Those same cubicle systems with a bit of wear are being sold and priced as much as half or less in terms of being sold used. Some really amazing treasures are available for the savvy facility manager looking to upscale cubicle systems in his or her current building.


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