The Many Terrible Things That Make Good Health Insurance A Must!

The human body is a fragile, capricious thing. It can be unpredictable, the people who exercise daily and eat only healthy foods can suddenly fall victim to inexplicable maladies out of the blue, whilst the junk food chomping, cigar-huffing couch potatoes can live an unnaturally long span of years without incident!

Our lifestyles

Most of us try for at least a modicum of common sense in our lifestyles in the hopes that we will be spared misfortune, but the wheel of fate spins with a wobble, and we never know what’s going to hit us, or when. Because of this, it’s paramount that we be prepared for the worst even whilst hoping for the best! That’s where having good health insurance comes into play, it can make all the difference in how well we can withstand life’s slings and arrows when we find they are aimed directly at us!

There are many health insurance options around Australia, but there is one that stands out for excellence and value- Hunter Valley private health insurance. For anyone who wants to feel assured that when the unexpected happens someone has their back, these are the people to have in your corner!

If I haven’t convinced you of the importance of excellent health coverage yet, here, let me frighten you some more! It’s an unfortunate truth that bad things happen to good people, no matter how careful they are. A pleasant drive can turn into a nightmare when accidents happen, and you suddenly find yourself with a major personal injury that needs expensive medical care. The first people you call after the cops, then your lawyer, is going to be your insurance provider. You will be glad you have them then!

How about some fun statistics? (Just kidding they are not fun. Not at all!)

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Injuries resulted in 538,000 hospitalizations in the years 2022-22. The bad news started from the top, with head and neck injuries being the highest, and ankle and foot injuries coming in at the bottom, which I guess seems appropriate. The most frequent causes of these injuries were, starting with the most common: falls, contact with objects (I guess they were pretty mean objects!), transport (car accidents!), and contact with animals (Australia boasts the largest number of poisonous snakes in the world!).

Let’s see what other interesting facts we have here. Oh, look, disease! The leaders of this pack were coronary heart disease, dementia, and lung cancer, but they were just the tip of a big, nasty iceberg that included cancers, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney and urinary diseases, blood and metabolic disorders, skin disorders, oral, vision, and hearing problems, infectious diseases (hard to believe that one, eh?), cardiovascular disorders- well, that’s enough, you get the idea.


I apologise for sounding a bit glib, but just writing this was depressing, call it gallows humour. My intentions are good, please get some health insurance, and I hope you never have to thank me.


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