Things About Container Trucking Companies You May Not Have Known

You may have yet to learn many things about container trucking companies. You’d be surprised to know how much goes into this critical supply chain process.

From choosing the right equipment to limiting delays, your container trucking partner must understand ports and terminals in their area.

They’re a part of the intermodal freight transport network

You may have yet to learn this, but container trucking companies like container trucking companies in Chicago are a part of the intermodal freight transport network. This network connects ports, rail yards, and trucks to optimize shipping routes in major cities worldwide.

This network is a sophisticated system that logistics companies use to plan out how their cargo will travel between rail, land, water, and air. This helps ensure the load gets to its destination safely and on time.

During a drayage move, a driver with a chassis/container combination will pick up the shipment and take it to its next mode of transportation (usually rail or sea). These companies are specialized carriers that only operate in and out of intermodal terminals and ports.

Shippers often need to secure pallets before drayage, depending on the type of cargo. This is because the pallets can shift during transportation and cause problems. Shippers will use various methods for these shipments to ensure the pallets are securely attached to the container throughout the drayage journey. These include blocking and bracing.

They’re not just a trucking company

The trucking industry is essential to the economy, and the 3.5 million truck drivers who haul goods nationwide help keep it functioning. Without these drivers, businesses could not transport their products, and customers wouldn’t have access to their needed items.

In 1956, George McLean launched a new type of shipping called container trucking. He saw that it was an effective way to transport goods at a lower cost than trucks could.

However, he faced several obstacles in building a container trucking fleet. One of the biggest challenges was convincing people to rely less on trucks for transporting their goods.

Another challenge was figuring out how to make containers portable and secure. This became a crucial part of his strategy for transforming his trucking business into an intermodal freight transport company.

They’re not just a transportation company

Trucking companies in Chicago are a significant part of the global transportation sector and key players in the supply chain. They specialize in moving goods along roads and highways and offer logistics services to facilitate faster deliveries at lower costs.

They may also provide other types of transport, including air and rail, which can make it easier to deliver goods to more locations. They may also have various freight equipment, such as cranes and forklifts.

Container trucking companies in Chicago may also have specialized trucks for handling containers at ports. These trucks can reach taller containers or stack them lower for more effortless loading and offloading.

These specialized trucks are called drayage chassis and are usually rented by the day. They have a long lifespan and can handle large volumes of containers.

These drayage chassis allow for the shipment of containers over short distances, often between two intermodal terminals. The drayage process helps reduce accessorial charges because the container does not have to be repacked when it moves between modes of transport.

They’re not just a drayage company

Containers are an essential part of the transportation process. They transport goods from ports to their final destinations and provide a safe place for cargo to travel.

When a container arrives at a port, it will undergo inspections by border control administration and customs offices to ensure that the shipment is free of any hazardous materials and ready to be shipped. This process can be complicated and often involves multiple steps.

These containers will often be transported on a train or to warehouses before arriving at their final destination. This is called drayage, a vital part of container shipping.

Drayage truckers are responsible for picking up and transporting shipments in a short amount of time. This is why their rates are typically based on something other than miles but on time.

While this is an essential service for the industry, it can also be challenging to manage and track. Demurrage and detention charges are a significant concern for shippers, and they can lead to lost revenue.

They’re not just a transportation company

You may have yet to realize that container trucking companies are much more than transportation companies. They’re also a part of the intermodal freight transport network that moves goods between various modes of transport.

For example, a shipment might travel by truck to a rail yard, where it will be placed on a train. Then, it might be transported further inland or shipped to the port.

These steps are called drayage, and a small group of intermodal freight transportation service providers handles them. This type of trucking is often used when a shipper wants to avoid the cost and hassle of air or ocean shipping.

A drayage service differs from a trucking service because it’s not based on miles. It’s based on time, so the prices vary between carriers.

To find the right drayage company for you, you must do your research and ask for references. This will help you choose the right company to meet your needs and deliver the desired results. You can start by contacting a few companies and asking about their services.


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