Top Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Club Thrive

Regarding fundraising, college groups and clubs often need extra help. Luckily, plenty of great fundraising ideas for clubs don’t involve standing around awkwardly passing out baked goods or asking for spare change.

Get creative with a fun fundraiser like a geography bowl, where teams pay to compete head-to-head. This is a perfect in-person or virtual event for all ages!

Hold a Community Carnival

Community events are a great way to unite people and make new friends. They can also be used to raise money and awareness for a cause.

At carnivals, organizers sell tickets that participants can trade for prizes and food items. Adding in a dunk booth is an easy way to add more excitement and money-making opportunities.

Recruit volunteers for the many tasks involved in planning a community carnival. It can be frustrating to find out halfway through that you need more volunteers for crucial jobs like setting up games, selling tickets, and monitoring infatables. Provide volunteer t-shirts in one color so attendees can easily identify them. It is also helpful to have volunteers who have hosted similar events.

Host a Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is a fun way for members of your organization to bond, and it’s an excellent opportunity to raise money. Make sure that everyone understands the purpose behind your fundraiser so that they’re more inclined to give generously.

Choose a theme to make your fundraiser memorable and more appealing. For example, you could host a heroes and villains pub crawl, where participants dress as characters from books or movies.

Plan out a timetable for the night so that your guests know when to visit each bar. Also, include information on public transportation services and cab companies. Finally, provide attendees with wristbands at the starting point so the bartenders can recognize them as crawlers. This will help ensure that nobody gets lost.

Hold a Video Contest

Using user-submitted videos is a fun way to keep your audience engaged. You can hold a video contest on your website, social media pages, or email newsletters. The contest’s theme should be highly relevant to your audience and brand. For example, a food brand can host a video contest for the best cake decorating skills or a fashion company can ask their audience to film their favorite outfit.

When running a video contest, promoting it early and often is important. You can use the free video submission form to collect entries online and share a link via email or website. This will help increase your contest’s reach and improve the quality of submissions. A branded hashtag will also boost visibility. This makes it easy to see who is winning.

Hold a Silent Auction

A silent auction can be an amazing way to raise funds for your club. Setting a fundraising goal, considering your venue and date, and choosing a theme that will engage your audience is important.

Recruit volunteers to help source items for your event, and ask local businesses to donate services, experiences, or products. Creating an online catalog of your auction items can help promote the event, entice attendees, and give donors a sneak peek at the goods.

Gamification techniques like thermometers and leaderboards are a great way to boost bidder engagement, and virtual auction software can also notify participants when they’ve been outbid. Post-event, thank your planning committee and donors by sending personalized thank you letters. Ensure your winners can pick up their prizes (or have them shipped, if necessary) promptly.

Hold a Game Night

Holding a game night is a great way to introduce friends and acquaintances to a fun, social activity that often becomes a regular tradition. It’s also a great way to unite people with different interests and encourage them to find common ground.

You must create a consistent schedule and communicate it to the group to ensure your game nights are successful. Whether through a calendar at the FLGS, recurring Facebook events, an online meeting tool you must provide a way for your gaming group to keep in touch.

Providing a clean and welcoming space will also help keep your players returning. It’s important to consider the vibe of your group when choosing how many players you want to invite and to avoid bringing sore losers or overly competitive types.


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