Want To Build A Home Bar? Here’s What You’ll Need

We all enjoy going to the bar to enjoy a cold beverage, but what if we told you that you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to do so? This is when the idea of building a home bar comes in handy, but if you’ve never built a home bar before, you won’t know what you need to do so.

Here’s a guide on everything you need if you want a home bar that will serve you, your family, and your friends for years to come. Cheers to your home bar and yummy beverages.

Choose Your Glassware

When your home bar has finally been built, the next thing you’ll need to do I stock it with glassware to use when preparing a drink. We recommend you shop with Frankly James for all your home bar glassware needs. You’ve taken the time to build a bar you love; therefore, why not buy glassware you’re equally proud of?

Before choosing your glassware, consider the overall aesthetic you’re choosing to go with for your bar. You don’t want to choose glassware that doesn’t fit within your design because it will throw everything off and could upset you when everything doesn’t come together.

Bar Stool to Bar Ratio

It’s crucial that you choose bar stools that will work for your home bar. The last thing you’re going to want is a bar stool that is too high for the bar or too low for people to use when sitting at the bar. Before buying stools, consider the different types of stools typically used for your bar.

You could also go to a store in person to try out different stools you could potentially use. You could also have someone come out to your home to provide suggestions about the stool options you could potentially choose from.

Don’t Forget the Drip Tray

When you’re filling your drinks, it’s going to happen that some of the liquid drips. This means you need some place to catch the excess liquid that is dripping. For this reason, you need to install a drip tray in the bar.

No one wants the drip of alcohol to get on the bar itself because it can affect the finish of the bar. For the drip tray, you should cut a recess out of the bar’s upper layer. Then place the drip tray within that cutout pocket. 

After you use your bar, ensure you clean it out from time to time. You don’t want to leave liquid in the drip tray for too long. This is also something you can go to a hardware store for to look at the different drip tray options available.

Building a Home Bar

When you’re building a home bar, there are several things you should consider. Don’t forget to include a drip tray and consider your bar stool-to-bar height ratio.

For more on building a home bar, check out more of our blogs. There are tons of tips and tricks for you to learn, and you can use them as you continue to build your home bar and create something you’re proud of.


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