What are the Different Outdrive Parts that are Available for Mercury Boat Motors?

Outdrive boat engines are also known as sterndrive or inboard/outboard engines. As the name suggests, the sterndrive boat engine is a combination of the inboard power and the outboard drive, which are mounted at two separate locations on the boat.

The inboard is situated at the boat transom’s forward, while the outboard is installed outside the hull and above the waterline. These engines are best known for their high horsepower that can propel the boat at an exceedingly high speed and acceleration. Moreover, the top-notch engine models can reach between four hundred to six hundred hp.

Sterndrive engine parts


The rubber bellows need to be checked yearly and replaced regularly. If they are not regularly maintained and replaced, they may become faulty and cause leaks or even cause the boat to sink. You don’t want to have to constantly replace these pieces. So, it’s best to invest in high-quality bellows that work best for your boat. Research which ones will work best for you to maintain your boat’s safety.


The anodes should be regularly checked and replaced to protect your engine from corrosion. You can find high-quality anode kits for boat models that are suitable for fresh water and seawater. Additional important outdrive parts sold from NuWave Marine include gaskets and seals, water pump impellers, U-Joint and Yoke, gearcase components, and trim and tilt. These details are important to keep up with when maintaining your boat. You don’t want to miss anything severe and cause more damage.

Benefits of sterndrive engines

Increased acceleration and power

These engines provide more acceleration and power compared to other traditional engines, which makes them perfect for speedboats or larger boats. The highest horsepower engines can surpass six hundred hp, and many of them are diesel engines. This is great for those who want to get some speed when they’re out in the water. But it’s best to research how much your boat can handle. You don’t want to cause any damage to yourself or the boat.

There is a bigger swim platform

Since no protruding outboard is mounted onto the transom, the whole area of the transom can be used by the boater to jump into the water for a swim. In addition, since there is no engine in the way, you can tow tubers or skiers. This is great for people who may be more chill when they want to go out. Sometimes they want to enjoy the water by casually driving around and hopping in for a swim. They don’t require an engine with all that horsepower.

They are affordable

One of the main reasons for choosing the inboard/outboard engine is its reliability, and many people choose it to propel their boats. In addition, this engine is more affordable than other engines in the market and can cost around $7000 to $9000. This is great because all these expenses can add up. It makes it harder for people to try and invest in the boat they want. But if they get the right engine, then they don’t have to worry about spending too much on upkeep if they take care of it the right way.

There is better fuel economy

The inboard/outboard engine uses less fuel compared to some other engines that are available in the market. This means it can help you save fuel overall. Fuel expenses can add up for some people. So, knowing they can save all that money for other expenses makes the motor sound more convincing. You don’t have to worry about your fuel if you choose the right motor for your boat.

Access to the boat’s rear

Since there is an inboard installation and a compact outboard outside the hull, the engine does not use up a lot of space for the boat. Therefore, unlike outboard engines, they enable boaters to access the back end of the boat. This means boaters can install a sunbed or swim platform at the rear if they want to. Choosing the right motor means boaters can make modifications when they see fit. Giving them the opportunities, they might not have had previously.

It promotes wake surfing

Since there is no propeller behind the boat, it is much safer for you to surf behind the boat, or even tow a friend behind the boat. In addition, since there is no outboard engine protruding at the back, there will be better visibility. Propellers can be dangerous when you’re not paying attention. So, it gives you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about that. Another great incentive when it comes to investing in these motors.


Sterndrive engines are durable and dependable. However, if you want them to give top performance. You should regularly check and maintain the engine. In addition, if your engine needs emergency replacement products, you should purchase them from reputable stores to get high-quality and long-lasting products. It’s important to do the proper research when investing in the right motor. Boaters should make sure they get one that fits their needs when they are out in the water. Choosing the right motor will save them time and money so they can focus on enjoying their boat.


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