What Should I Put in My Graduation Announcements?


Typically, a graduation announcement includes the graduate’s senior portrait, school name, and date of graduation. The wording should also include the year and the word “class” if the graduate is a college student. Although many recipients still shun announcements sent via email, you should be able to send one if you know how to use technology. If you want to send an announcement via email, you can also incorporate your parents’ names, the medical school you attended, and even a pun or two – all of these you can find at Jostens.

Wording to include in a college graduation announcement

There are many types of college graduation announcements, including those from parents, universities, or the graduates themselves. The wording is very important, and the recipient will want to make sure their college graduation announcement conveys all of the important details about their new graduate’s achievements. College graduation announcements must include the degree, location, and honors the graduate received. College graduates should also spell out their degree’s name if they know it.

In addition to the names of the graduates, the graduation announcement should state the school, program, and date of graduation. If the graduate is a doctor, you can make a pun related to the field of medicine. You can also mention the names of new doctors or the year that they graduated. This will allow them to help their fellow graduates with their new medical fields. Wording to include in a college graduation announcement should include all of the above.

Including parents’ names

Graduation announcements should include a person’s full name, nickname, school, and year of graduation. Parents may want to save the announcements as memories or keepsakes, so including the exact date of graduation is helpful. A name for the graduate may also be appropriate. In addition to the name of the student, parents should include the names of their spouses or step-parents. In some cases, the parents of a graduate may not be able to attend the party.

Whether you choose to use formal or informal graduation announcements, always include the grad’s name and the school where he/she studied. It’s also a nice touch to include the grad’s parents’ names, which will show that the grad is proud of them. Including parents’ names in graduation announcements is a traditional way to express your pride in the grad and a way to share your excitement with others.

Including the medical school

When addressing your graduates at your next party, including the name of the medical school in your graduation announcements is an appropriate move. While a formal graduation party is a different matter, this kind of celebration is important because it informs close friends and family of the new doctor’s status. Whether you are planning a private or public celebration, make sure you include the name of the school and any honors that were bestowed on the graduate.

Depending on the style of your graduation announcements, you can include your medical school or veterinary school in them. The wording used can reflect your personality and achievements, so don’t be shy. Be sure to balance the flamboyant and the witty. You may also want to include a graduation quote or two to show off your accomplishments. Regardless of the style you select, make sure to personalize it with your own personal touch.

Including puns

When composing graduation announcements, you may want to include a few graduation puns, which are both funny and appropriate. Graduation puns are a fun way to show the graduate how much you care. Although graduation puns may sound corny, they will make your graduates happy.

Graduates are often referred to as “Punny graduates.” These punny messages are meant to show that they’re proud of their achievements. Graduation is a huge celebration. After all, they’ve spent hours in the library and studying. Graduation invitations don’t have to be formal; they can be as casual as you like. The recipient will surely appreciate the effort that went into making them look as beautiful as they can.

Including a personal touch

When you send graduation announcements, remember to include important details, such as the school’s name and the year you graduated. If possible, you can also include a special quote or poem. When deciding which details to include, you may want to include the full name of the recipient, or a nickname as well. Your announcements can also be treasured keepsakes or memorabilia, so include the exact date and time.

When designing your graduation announcements, take note of the person who will be receiving them. While a formal announcement will include the grad’s name, informal announcements may include his or her nickname. Be sure to include the full name of the school, college, or university the graduate attended. You can also include the names of the graduate’s parents or other family members if the space allows. In addition to listing names and dates, a personal message can be included in the text.


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