3 Things You Should Know About University Accreditation

Any university you apply to should be accredited. Accredited educational institutions provide students with quality schooling that meets regional or national standards. Here are three things you should know about university accreditation.

1. There Are Two Main Types

Accreditation may be institutional or programmatic. If a school has institutional accreditation, that means the entire school and its programs are accredited. Programmatic accreditation is for specific parts of a school, such as individual programs, tracks or departments. For example, Grand Canyon University accreditation might be institutional but it might also have programmatic accreditation for a specific degree program or track.

2. Accreditation Is Awarded by Professionals

Accreditation is awarded by impartial third-party organizations at the regional or national level. These organizations review schools and determine whether they qualify for accreditation. At Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals might, for example, evaluate the school according to several different criteria. Accreditation professionals commonly use criteria such as internal and external reviews, peer reviews, interviews with staff and faculty and comparisons to regional or national educational standards.

3. Accreditation Is Important for Schools And Students

Accreditation is important for both schools and students. Accredited schools have proven that they provide high-quality education and training. Schools with non-traditional curricula or programs, such as online universities, can use accreditation as proof of their legitimacy. Students who attend accredited schools are more likely to be able to transfer their credits if they transfer to another school or apply to post-graduate programs. Accreditation can also be helpful when students apply for jobs after they graduate.

You should always check whether a university you’re considering applying to is accredited. You can contact the school directly or search for the school’s name in official accreditation databases. If a school isn’t accredited, you may not receive a standard quality education or be able to transfer credits.


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