6 Top Benefits of Brush Clearing on a Construction Site

There are several reasons why clearing brush from a construction site is important. It not only prevents soil erosion but also helps prevent fires. Dry vegetation is more likely to catch fire. Also, clearing brush helps create a buffer zone around the property. It also stabilizes the ground, reducing the risk of landslides.

Reduces Fire Risk

When brush clearing in a construction site, it is crucial to use best practices to reduce fire risk. The best practices involve:

  • Limiting the growth of pyrophytic vegetation.
  • Planting only fire-resistant shrubs.
  • Regularly cleaning up vegetation.

Ideally, there should be no vegetation within five feet of structures.

During a brush clearing Wetumpka, AL, the amount of vegetation to remove will depend on the size and type of brush. Tree branches should be at least six feet off the ground, and extra space between trees and shrubs should be maintained. Fire may spread up the treetops without extra space and ignite nearby homes and structures.

Reduces Rodent Infestations

When clearing brush on a construction site, several precautions can help reduce rodent infestations. One such precaution is installing metal mesh rodent barriers around openings. Rodents can enter structures through holes only a quarter of an inch in diameter. Make sure to seal all exterior entry points using a 1/4-inch metal screen or metal “wool” products. Another precaution is to fill spaces around floor drains with cement.

In addition to using poison baits, you can also install permanent rodent “service access areas” around the exterior of the building. These areas should be constructed near loading docks, trash areas, utility service panels, and corners. Putting up traps is also a good practice. Once the traps are in place, rodents are unlikely to enter the building.

Reduces Mud

Preventing mud on a construction site is a critical aspect of preventing accidents. It can be hard to keep a worksite clean when the soil is sticky and prone to erosion. The best way to avoid this is to maintain good runoff. In addition to this, make sure that you clean up all indoor areas regularly. You can hire a road sweeper to help you with this every week. You can also cover all building materials and supplies so that mud doesn’t get onto them.

You should clean the roads at a construction site so workers can work safely. Mud is dangerous to your workers and can make working on the site more difficult and slower. It can also reduce visibility and make vehicles more slippery. Furthermore, it clogs up roads and construction vehicles. Additionally, it makes it harder to grasp materials or grip equipment.

Increases Property Value

Brush clearing removes vegetation from a construction site without causing any disturbance to the soil or creating debris. The removed brush can be mulched, burned, or hauled away, making the area ready for construction. This process also saves time and money because it clears the land in just a few hours.

Clearing the land also increases the value of the property. Clean land appeals to potential buyers and helps them visualize the uses of the land. Land clearing can also make the rural property accessible and improve drainage.

Makes Construction Easier

Brush clearing is a crucial pre-construction process. It not only makes construction safer, but it also prevents damage to the property. 

Brush clearing is one of the most efficient ways to remove unwanted vegetation from construction sites. The process does not create debris or disturb the soil; the organic material can be mulched or burned. It also makes the land suitable for construction and is faster and cheaper than other methods. Furthermore, clearing brush can make the land ready for construction in hours.

Protects Roots

Brush clearing is necessary for new construction, but there are ways to protect the roots of existing trees in the area. For example, pruning mature trees before clearing them can prevent damage to their roots. In addition, these trees may provide shade and ornamentation. This is why planning your construction project is important: trees are not destroyed.

When brush clearing in a construction site, a boundary should be placed around trees to prevent root damage. Tree roots are susceptible to construction equipment and should be protected at all costs. A fence must include the root zone, typically five times the diameter of the tree’s trunk.


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