Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Motorized Window Shades

motorized window shade

Unlike traditional corded shades, motorized blinds eliminate strangulation hazards in homes with children or pets. Instead of manually lifting and lowering the shadows, they operate with a button on a remote or your voice assistant.

Motorized bright shades can work with other integrated smart-home devices like automated lights, thermostats, and security systems to make your home more energy efficient. Learn more about how adding this intelligent feature to your home increases comfort, reduces energy bills, and enhances privacy.

Increased Comfort

Motorized shades do away with lift cords and offer a safer solution for homes with children or anyone with trouble reaching them. This makes them an excellent choice for older adults as well.

Shades influence cooling loss by blocking sunlight, and they can be reversible to reflect or absorb the sun’s heat during different seasons. This can drastically reduce your energy bills throughout the year.

By lowering or raising your shades at optimal times, you can eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day and save on heating costs in winter. A pro can install sensors that automatically open your shades at sunrise and close them again at sunset to mimic natural light cycles, reducing energy consumption.

When you’re out of town for a long weekend or on vacation, motorized window shades allow you to open and close them randomly, creating the appearance that someone is home. This can deter criminals who scout neighborhoods for unoccupied homes to target.

Reduced Energy Bills

When your smart home shades are appropriately integrated with a programmable thermostat, they can lower your air conditioning bill during the summer. This happens by dropping them at sunrise and raising them at sunset to mimic natural light cycles and reduce the need for artificial lighting during these times of day.

In addition, Somfy Motorozied Solutions can be powered by various methods, including battery packs concealed within the shade’s headrail and cordless options that use Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with your smartphone. They can also be hardwired into your home’s electrical system for a more permanent solution that requires no batteries or charging.

Another option is integrating them with your intelligent voice assistants and giving a simple voice command to open or close the shades. This is particularly convenient for parents of small children struggling to reach traditional blind slats or cords. It has designed a nearly silent top-of-the-line motor during operation, promoting a quieter smart home environment.

Increased Home Value

Motorized shades from professionals like Treaty Oaky Shade Company can add value to a home, especially if a potential buyer knows they’ll lower energy bills and provide an easy-to-use experience. They can also easily integrate with smart home devices for a seamless experience.

Shades that automatically close at set times during the day and at night can offer an extra layer of security by deterring intruders. Plus, they’ll keep the interior of a home at the ideal temperature without needing an HVAC system to work overtime during hot or cold weather.

The options for powered motorized shades vary, with some using a battery pack concealed within the headrail to operate and others being hardwired directly into the electrical system of a home or business. You can also have a manual pull chain attached to the headrail instead of a remote control for those who want to avoid technology.

Increased Security

In addition to saving energy, motorized shades offer additional home security benefits. Because they don’t have long, dangling cords that children or pets can easily tangle in, these window coverings are one of the safest solutions for any room in your house.

Some motorized blinds can be hardwired directly into your home’s electrical system instead of relying on batteries or a power source. This type of installation may require the assistance of a professional, but it provides a more permanent solution to keeping your shades running efficiently.

Additionally, having your shades open or close at preset times can create the appearance that you’re at home as a deterrent to criminals looking for easy targets. With the ability to integrate with third-party smart devices, you can also operate your motorized window shades with thermostats and automated lights. This will ensure that your home is cool or warm when you arrive at night or in the morning.


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