How to Maintain and Prolong the Results of Keratin Lash Infusion

Lash Infusion

A Keratin Lash Infusion is a safe and semi-permanent alternative to a perm. It reshapes your natural eyelashes to lift and add curl without damaging them.

It lasts 8-12 weeks and is safe for all lashes, even excellent ones. If desired, You can also add a tint to darken your lashes.

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Keratin is a protective protein found in hair, nails, and skin. It’s also what gives your lashes their natural curl and volume.

The keratin lash lift process and tint is an easy, lower maintenance, and healthier alternative to eyelash extensions. It takes about 1 hour, and the results last 8 – 12 weeks.

To help extend your lash lift results, wash and moisturize them daily. It’s best to use a gentle cleanser, like a foaming face wash or baby shampoo, and not an oil-based one. Avoid steam, saunas and hot showers, heavy exercising, at-home hair washing, makeup products, and any other factors that may cause the glue to deteriorate. It’s also important to avoid touching your lashes directly, especially after the treatment. Sleep on your back if possible.

Keep Your Lashes Dry

The first 48 hours after your Keratin Lash Infusion are crucial to your results. You will want to avoid getting your lashes wet or touching them, as this can alter the lasting outcome of the treatment. This includes preventing scalding showers, steamy environments, saunas, and oil-based makeup products.

We also recommend that you sleep on your back to prevent your lashes from being squished in the corners while you sleep. You can begin using regular mascara after 48 hours of your lash lift.

Our lash lift is a unique Japanese keratin treatment that infuses natural keratin into the cuticle of each lash hair to increase its diameter by 40%, leaving it beautifully lifted and naturally curled for up to 8 weeks!

Keep Your Lashes Clean During Sleep

It’s essential to arrive at your lash lift appointment without any eye makeup and not wear any for the day or two before your appointment. This allows your lashes to be as relaxed and dry as possible so that the Keratin formula can work magic.

Once your lash is lifted and tinted, it’s best to sleep in the “supine” position (on your back), which will help prevent lashes from coming into contact with other materials that may cause them to snag and pull at the lash line. You may also want to use a pillowcase specifically designed to prevent lash snagging (like the ones made by Lush).

It would also help to avoid long, hot showers, steam rooms, saunas, and oil-based skin products around your eyes. This will keep the lash-lifted results looking their best and last longer.

Keep Your Lashes Clean During the Day

Using oil-free and gentle cleansers on the eye area is essential to help prevent irritation and keep your lashes looking their best. Avoiding eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, will also help your lash lift last longer.

If you do choose to wear mascara, use it sparingly. Avoid waterproof mascara and lash curlers, as these will ruin the natural shape of your lashes. We recommend only applying mascara after your lash lift has settled in, and even then, only occasionally.

After a keratin lash lift, it is essential not to get your lashes wet, as this can alter the results. This includes avoiding steam, heavy sweating, showers, and activities that could cause you to shed your lashes. Limiting at-home hair washing and other similar activities will also help extend the life of your lashes.

Keep Your Lashes Clean During The Night

Think of keratin lift as a perm for your eyelashes, a treatment that will give them a gorgeous, long-lasting, and natural-looking curl. A keratin lash lift does not require harsh chemicals or high heat and is safe for most people.

During your appointment, the lash specialist will put pads underneath your eyes to prevent the tint from staining your skin. Then, the lash technician will brush your lashes onto a silicone rod, coat them with a keratin formula, and let them set.

Once the lash solution has thoroughly dried, you should avoid getting your lashes wet, including water, steam, saunas, and showers. Also, sleep on your back to prevent kinks and help the lash solution dry quickly. Lastly, it is essential to remember that the results of a lash lift will naturally fade over time as your lashes shed and grow.


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