Hiring a Freight Forwarder Is a Great Business Investment, and Here’s Why

What do we know about a freight forwarder? It can be described as a travel agent for shipments. Namely, it cooperates with your suppliers, you, and also transportation providers to move both exported and imported goods to different parts of the world. 

Now, these days you can stumble upon companies that believe that having a freight forwarder is not that necessary and essential. However, what they fail to understand is the fact that precisely top-notch forwarder can contribute to your business in many ways.

If you’re still having second thoughts about using a freight from china to the uk for example, yet would like to provide yourself with some helpful information, then you should take a look at these facts below because they will explain everything. 

Effective Tracking System

You have probably figured out by now that the shipment can be very time-consuming, sometimes it can even take a couple of months to reach a certain location. During this whole process, a lot of business owners are scared of losing their goods on the way.

But with a freight forwarder by your side, you wouldn’t have to stress over these things. Namely, you would constantly be updated on everything regarding the shipment. How come? Well, that’s because they have a spectacular tracking system that’s intended for the cargo and truck to calm you down in these instances.

In addition, they place GPS trackers on every single vehicle and cargo through which you can see exactly where the load is going. More importantly, entrepreneurs can always expand these tracking systems to clients, which is a great thing, right?

Expertise & Knowledge

It is widely known that international shipments frequently include various modes of transport. Intermodal and multimodal shipping demand an understanding of different transport modes (ground, air, and ocean), along with the rules and regulations that can be applied to every single mode.

But that’s why freight forwarders are here. They are familiar with the legislation concerning every shipping mode, as well as the type of shipment. Apart from that, they know exactly how to pick the most economical and effective routes. 

With them, you do not need to worry whether your merchandise is going to be properly shipped. Now, the question is, where can you find a good freight forwarder? Well, when it comes to this, your options are limitless.

There are a plethora of outstanding freight forwarders in the world. However, what we did manage to uncover is the fact that freight companies in Brisbane are probably the most effective and professional ones for the time being. So if you live anywhere near this beautiful city, be sure to pay them a visit to see if any collaboration can be made.

Access To International Partners

A reputable and eminent freight forwarder that has managed to establish its company on moving goods in an effective and timely way will need access to various global partners. That’s because forwarders want to offer their services to consumers all around the world.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why they do whatever it takes to develop global networks of relationships in order to speed up the transportation of products wherever that’s necessary and of course, to do so quickly and efficiently. 

These relationships typically involve other freight forwarders, ground handlers and warehouse operators, carriers, customs, financial brokers, and many others. As a result, you get a delivery that’s been executed in a timely fashion without spending a substantial amount of money. 

Let’s Not Forget Cost-Effectiveness

Every entrepreneur will tell you that shipment expenses are for sure an extra cost for the company. There are businesses out there that make consumers pay for the whole cost, and then there are those who would rather share the burden.

That’s because they want the shipping expenses to be relatively low. And then you have freight forwarders who are here to give rates that are much lower than the ones that conventional shipment companies give. 

At the end of the day, you are not the only one who is using their services to send various items, right? Since freight forwarders normally have a huge clientele, they can “allow themselves” to lower the prices. 

As soon as you establish a solid relationship with them, you can try to see whether they are in the mood for some price reductions. In most situations, they offer great discounts to people they collaborate with on a regular basis and to those who oftentimes send huge shipments.

Now, there’s one thing that must be mentioned when it comes to this. Once you begin developing a relationship with them, first make sure to learn all about the potential hidden charges, and try to see whether there are any or not.

Besides that, make sure to ask about all expenses in advance. For example, if you conclude that the shipping cost does not cover unloading and loading costs, then it would be advisable to discuss this upfront to prevent any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Market Focus

Above we concluded that freight forwarders focus on expanding their global network and that’s one of the main reasons why they know in and out of every company and that’s something that can be of huge importance to business growth and development. 

This just goes to show that networking of widespread markets can deliver all your goods to the most distant location. Besides that, this also makes the logistics much easier to sort, no matter where someone resides. 

In these instances, there’s simply no room for loss of business because of the limited contacts in any part of the world. And that’s certainly something that’s going to take your company to the next level.

And Last, But Not Least –Compliance

There’s no doubt that international shipping is an extremely complex process since you are obligated to meet various regulatory and legal standards across several jurisdictions. And that’s precisely one of the reasons why it’s difficult to sometimes manage compliance. But that’s why it’s good to have freight forwarders because they are familiar with every single jurisdiction.

If there’s one thing that we can conclude based on the facts that were provided in this article is that having a freight forwarder as your partner can only add more value to your business which is why you should definitely consider this decision.


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